Tome of Oahm

The Golden Dragon

Session 4

When trying to enter the Temple of Tyr, the group continued to get blasted back with more and more pain each try. Deterred from the attempts and quickly realizing that not being able to communicate with them or even purchase items. Our adventurers left the town to the west, which opened into forest. Night fell on them and they were able to rest, though anticipating zombies at any time, the night went uneventful. After a little bit of a walk they were able to find a barren beach. Zook ordered Thokk to knock down a tree with his bare hands, in which Thokk was able to. Dyonisya used her mace to rend the branches free of the trunk, so that they could carve out a boat from the center of it.

While that was happening Eldon started to search down the beach for any type of ropes, while Rhianwen was able to find vines they could use. Eldon found a boat that was beached on the shoreline. He yelled for his comrades to join him.

Everyone except for Rhianwen boarded the ship, searching it for materials that they could use and if they could use the whole boat. After expunging it of the rotten fish and clearing the stank off the ship, they gathered on the main deck. Eldon being previously a gnome tried to work the controls on the ship and realized that he may not be able to work his gnomish mind the way that it used to be when he failed to do anything. Zook, actually being a gnome took the controls and was able to learn them insanely quick.

Eldon was able to tie the vine rope around Thokk so that he could push them into the water and then get pulled up to the deck again. Once in the water the boat seemed to travel without sails and out of curiosity Eldon, Rhianwen, and Zook learned the crane controls for the net fishing that they did. Traveling the seas was rough, but after two weeks and some they made it to a town far from where they started. The town of Konder, a up and coming port town of Koriel.

Upon docking they learned that they were on a boat that was owned by pirates. Dyonisya explained their life stories to the dock guards and they out of confusion, left them to be, giving them directions to the closest market street. Dyonisya and Eldon went to the market to sell their fish load and Zook went to the local tavern to make some gold and get some information. Rhianwen stayed on the ship to make sure no one took the ship and sent her raven to follow Eldon.

Meanwhile in the tavern, Zook makes a small fortune and finds out that there is a cove in the forest nearest the city of Konert. The cove contains pirates’ treasures.

At the market, Eldon was able to negotiate a large price for the fish they carried. Upon gathering information they found out that the nearby temple was a working Temple of Galow, amongst many other temples. Dyonisya believed this may be a chance to find the tome. They traveled to the temple and Dyonisya felt she was at home finally. She felt the glow of Galow’s light as the priestesses greeted them. Dyonisya and Eldon find out that the Tome of Tyr was no longer able to be used to swap their bodies back, but the Tome of Oahm, would be able to reverse it, since she is the goddess of true neutrality. The last of the information that they were able to get from the temple was that the tome was last seen with Zaydin Yarler, the last of the Wyrm Riders.

Everyone makes their way back to the ship, only shortly after the merchant takes his half of the fish. They spend the night resting on the ship.



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