Tome of Oahm

Seeking a New Haven

Session 5

Waking up on their ship, they decided to venture to the furthest south port they find closest to the forest with the pirate cove on it. This was the metropolis of New Haven. It would take 17 nights to get there.

The party decided to try to learn their ships controls better, and Rhianwen forged a purchasing papers for the ship, claiming the Golden Dragon as her own. First they battled a large squid, as it tried to take over their ship. Zook Folknor took the squid out with acid. Then they were attacked by an air elemental, Zook took it out also with one strike, and then the attack from the water elemental was with one blast also. Then there was another battle, this time two merfolk tried to get on the ship, thinking that it was abandoned and wanting to loot it. The whole crew devastated the two merfolk, killing them before they were able to get far with the ship.

The events between battles were riddled with sun-bathing and light fishing and searching for the next battle. Which came in the form of an octopus that tried to destroy their ship. They took a lot of damage, but they managed to destroy the mighty sea predator. On their 13th day at sea the ocean got too choppy and storms ravaged the ship knocking everyone but Rhianwen from the ship into the water. The storm subsided very quickly, but the problem was a shark that was on it’s way to the abandoned people.

Rhianwen acted fast trying to get her bird close enough to cast a spell, but the shark took it’s first hit on Eldon. Right above Zook, Rhianwen casted her spell of Tenser’s Floating Disk and yelled for them to climb on. Eldon grabbed on but took another hit before he was able to get away, while Zook was next to be targeted by the shark and got away without a scratch. The disk was brought on board and both of them dropped onto the deck.

Dyonisya was left in the water for the shark to target and it attacked hitting her several times, before Rhianwen was able to get the disk to her. Dyonisya climbed onto it and made her way to the deck, from there, Zook used his lightning bullets to blast the shark away.

The final two battles before they were able to get to the deck were with two frog-like humanoids. They were called Kuo Toa and they were attempting to search the ship for goods they could steal when the crew set forth to destroy them. Which didn’t take long for the crew.

The last days before they docked was spent fishing and sun-bathing. They made it to the booming metropolis of New Haven. They paid the 50 gold to dock there and offered the newly doctored documents to show that pirates no longer own the ship.



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