The tale begins with the Tome of Tyrr, an chaotic evil deity of Thaamal. He created the tome and sent it to the realm forgotten to most called Faerûn. There he hid it in the tunnels of the dwarves from long ago that lived under Tethyr. Being chaotic and the deity of thieves and tricksters he wanted to send whom even opened the book to him domain. He brought the unsuspecting person to Thaamal, but it would be the Tome of Oahm that would take them back. Oahm the deity of neutrality decided that it was best to make sure that all tricks that were played would be able to be put back to its beginnings. Oahm, though doing this to help the poor unsuspecting people was unable to just place the tome where they would wake; she had to hide it away, deep and far from the world to prevent anyone from destroying this tome.

The adventure starts on a group in Tethyr that were able to find their way into the dwarven caverns and upon finding a dark elven “woman” there, they also stumbled upon the Tome of Tyrr. While at the same precise moment a wizard from Krei, Thaamal found an identical Tome of Tyrr and was reading it.

The group woke in a dank, cold darkness. The smell of dried blood, burnt wood, and stale alcohol stained the air around them. As they awoke a uneasy feeling filled their stomachs. The adventurers were disoriented in their new bodies. Each of them went from previous level 3-9 characters to level one basic characters.

A gnome, halfling, half-elf, half-orc, and a human began to try to piece together the previous events. The gnomish bard took a piece a paper from his clothes. By the torch light he read on; it was a bill for the ale and broken bar parts, but their names were on it. So based on the names and the looking at each other and reading about what they destroyed the night before they discerned that they were…

  • Rhianwen Wildcast, Half-elf female sorceress
  • Eldon Thorngage, Halfling male rogue
  • Dyonisya Lighttower, Human female cleric
  • Zook Folknor, Gnome male bard
  • Thokk, Half-orc male monk

And there began their tale…

Tome of Oahm

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