Felis Sapien, she is the owner of The Loaded Banshee


AC: 15 – FF: 12 – Touch: 13
HP: 26
STR: 18: 4
DEX: 17: 3
CON: 17: 3
INT: 17: 3
WIS: 13: 1
CHA: 16: 3

FOR: 6
REF: 3

INI: 3

Weapon: Scimitar and Kitling Scimitar
Atk. bonus: 4 & 4
Dmg: 1d6 & 1d4


Pandora was born in the kingdom of the Hilfires’ in the lands of Koriel. She was born in the city of Krei and has never traveled beyond the island of her birth, until the fateful night when a party of newly formed adventurers destroyed her beloved tavern, the Loaded Banshee.

From the island she stowed away on a small fishing boat heading out of the island and found her way to New Haven, in which she made a small amount of money and then decided to venture to the forest of Aundrak, which was southwest of Konert.


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