Eldon Thorngage

Halfling male rogue


Vital Statistics
Class: Rogue
Race: Halfling
Align: Chaotic Good
Deity: Kaydin Kodalla
Size: Small
Age: 20
Height: 3’ 2”
Weight: 31 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Skin Color: Ruddy

HP (Max): 12
AC: 16 / Touch AC: 14 / Flat-Footed AC: 13

STR: 8 (-1)
DEX: 17 (+3)
CON: 11 (0)
INT: 11 (0)
WIS: 11 (0)
CHA: 10 (0)

Fortitude Save: 1
Reflex Save: 7
Will Save: 1 (3 against fear)

Base Attack Bonus: 1
Grapple Bonus: 1


The body of Eldon Thorngage is currently being occupied by the spirit and mind of Hadron Spannersong, a gnomish inventor and bard who was going through his trials on the island of Lantan in the Forgotten Realms. Hadron had managed to construct a flying machine, and was in the middle of its maiden voyage when an explosive malfunction sent him wildly off-course, carrying him across the winds to the land of Tethyr. Crash-landing outside of Castle Tethyr, he set himself up in the public square, playing for money and buying parts and rebuild his flying machine.

Just as he was beginning to assemble some replacement parts, a pack of dire wolves attacked his flying machine in the fields outside of town. They completely decimated it, causing several months worth of work to be lost. A group of adventurers came to aid him when he called for help with dispatching the wolves, but by the time they returned to the wreckage, the wolves had gone. Hadron spent the night with the adventurers, telling them his tale and hatching a plan with them to delve into a nearby abandoned dwarven mine, which was rumored to contain ancient riches. He vowed to split the proceeds with them if they would aid him in retrieving the gold, so he could finally rebuild his flying machine and return to Lantan.

After many perils and trials, the party found their way into the heart of the mines, where they found a lone Drow standing over a magical, mystical tome. She attempted to run away with the tome, but she got no farther than a few feet before all of them blacked out. After Hadron awoke, he discovered he was in the body of Eldon Thorngage, a halfling thief, and on an island in a completely unfamiliar land.

Now, Eldon searches the land for the mystical Tome of Oahm, another legendary book that would allow all of them to return to the Forgotten Realms, and their own bodies, while also discovering just who they have become on the unfamiliar plane of Thaamal…

Eldon Thorngage

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