Tome of Oahm

Strange Bedfellows

Session 2

The group woke in a dank, cold darkness. The smell of dried blood, burnt wood, and stale alcohol stained the air around them. As they awoke an uneasy feeling filled their stomachs. The smallest of the group took a note from his clothes and read from it.

Loaded Banshee Tavern- Tab

  • Rhianwen Wildcast-
    7 Ales
    3 Chairs
    Fire damage to Front Door
  • Eldon Thorngage-
    10 Ales
    1 Table
    1 Casket
  • Dyonisya Lighttower-
    6 Ales
    15 Mugs
    A door knob
  • Zook Folkor-
    9 Ales
    Bar Counter
  • Thokk-
    25 Ales
    Front Window
    7 Tables
    5 Chairs

What the hell did you do? All those wenches and then the lights… I had Bruengar throw you in the basement at least till ye wake. Ye all are required to fix these damages before ye leave. ~ Pandora

Gathering from this, they have realized a long night had happened and were able to figure a few names. Zook Folknor handed the note to Dyonisya Lighttower to hold while him and Rhianwen Wildcast look for exits. Rhianwen found a secret door hidden behind some shelves of food. Zook went ahead and casted OPEN/CLOSE on the secret door. The passage brought them around to the back of the bar. The whole bar was empty not a single soul in sight. But everything from the note was on there; indication of the fireball and the doorknob missing even.

All of them took a moment to survey the area and decided that they needed to find someone to talk to, to find out what is going on and who are they? Upon this they left the tavern. The streets appeared to be the same, desolate and no sign of humanity. All of the group looked about for anything as to why they were here; when they saw someone, humanoid, hurt and walking towards them. Dyonisya walked closer to offer healing, when it attacked her. The battle had began, for it was a Zombie, hungry for their flesh.

Dyonisya was the first to take a hit as the monster tried to eat her. The others of the group swarmed it, barraging it with attacks. It flailed at them relentlessly and finally failed to get back up. Each of them were a little hurt and scared from their first encounter. Zook tried to recant if Dyonisya would be okay from the scratch that she retained and was able to discerned that she should be fine.

Time was upon them to find some sleep and they began to worry about food, so they took to the local inn. Looking at all the buildings around them, more cautiously as the sun was setting, they moved forward to the inn.

This building had three floors above the main floor and there was also a basement. They felt something impending as they took their cleric to a room on the first of the floors. While she was resting after several failed attempts to keep her from dying and one last working attempt, the group searched the domicile for food and ways to barricade themselves in from the “impending hoard”. Thokk used his talents to place desks, chairs and counters against the front doors, while Rhianwen concentrated on the basement door with a modified mending spell. The clan went to the rooms upstairs, except for Thokk who remained on guard down in the main room, to make sure that his barricade held through the night.

While everyone else slept through the night, the hoard screamed and scratched the walls, making Thokk traumatized, waiting for them to enter, forcing him to attack. As the night grew into dawn the hoard had left, where?, no one knew, but the group woke, ready for the next day, each a little healthier than before, except Thokk.



Strange Bedfellows

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