Tome of Oahm

What Is This Crater Here For?
Session 6

New Haven, the port metropolis of Koriel. The adventurers found themselves read to take on the city, when the dock master brought them a message from the lord. Lord Jiraun of New Haven, requested that the group come to his castle and take word with him. After they agreed, it was time to check out this town. Zook took to the tavern immediately, where rumors flew about how horrible the lord and his warden were.

The Golden Dragon
Session 4

When trying to enter the Temple of Tyr, the group continued to get blasted back with more and more pain each try. Deterred from the attempts and quickly realizing that not being able to communicate with them or even purchase items. Our adventurers left the town to the west, which opened into forest. Night fell on them and they were able to rest, though anticipating zombies at any time, the night went uneventful. After a little bit of a walk they were able to find a barren beach. Zook ordered Thokk to knock down a tree with his bare hands, in which Thokk was able to. Dyonisya used her mace to rend the branches free of the trunk, so that they could carve out a boat from the center of it.

While that was happening Eldon started to search down the beach for any type of ropes, while Rhianwen was able to find vines they could use. Eldon found a boat that was beached on the shoreline. He yelled for his comrades to join him.

Everyone except for Rhianwen boarded the ship, searching it for materials that they could use and if they could use the whole boat. After expunging it of the rotten fish and clearing the stank off the ship, they gathered on the main deck. Eldon being previously a gnome tried to work the controls on the ship and realized that he may not be able to work his gnomish mind the way that it used to be when he failed to do anything. Zook, actually being a gnome took the controls and was able to learn them insanely quick.

Eldon was able to tie the vine rope around Thokk so that he could push them into the water and then get pulled up to the deck again. Once in the water the boat seemed to travel without sails and out of curiosity Eldon, Rhianwen, and Zook learned the crane controls for the net fishing that they did. Traveling the seas was rough, but after two weeks and some they made it to a town far from where they started. The town of Konder, a up and coming port town of Koriel.

Upon docking they learned that they were on a boat that was owned by pirates. Dyonisya explained their life stories to the dock guards and they out of confusion, left them to be, giving them directions to the closest market street. Dyonisya and Eldon went to the market to sell their fish load and Zook went to the local tavern to make some gold and get some information. Rhianwen stayed on the ship to make sure no one took the ship and sent her raven to follow Eldon.

Meanwhile in the tavern, Zook makes a small fortune and finds out that there is a cove in the forest nearest the city of Konert. The cove contains pirates’ treasures.

At the market, Eldon was able to negotiate a large price for the fish they carried. Upon gathering information they found out that the nearby temple was a working Temple of Galow, amongst many other temples. Dyonisya believed this may be a chance to find the tome. They traveled to the temple and Dyonisya felt she was at home finally. She felt the glow of Galow’s light as the priestesses greeted them. Dyonisya and Eldon find out that the Tome of Tyr was no longer able to be used to swap their bodies back, but the Tome of Oahm, would be able to reverse it, since she is the goddess of true neutrality. The last of the information that they were able to get from the temple was that the tome was last seen with Zaydin Yarler, the last of the Wyrm Riders.

Everyone makes their way back to the ship, only shortly after the merchant takes his half of the fish. They spend the night resting on the ship.

Seeking a New Haven
Session 5

Waking up on their ship, they decided to venture to the furthest south port they find closest to the forest with the pirate cove on it. This was the metropolis of New Haven. It would take 17 nights to get there.

The party decided to try to learn their ships controls better, and Rhianwen forged a purchasing papers for the ship, claiming the Golden Dragon as her own. First they battled a large squid, as it tried to take over their ship. Zook Folknor took the squid out with acid. Then they were attacked by an air elemental, Zook took it out also with one strike, and then the attack from the water elemental was with one blast also. Then there was another battle, this time two merfolk tried to get on the ship, thinking that it was abandoned and wanting to loot it. The whole crew devastated the two merfolk, killing them before they were able to get far with the ship.

The events between battles were riddled with sun-bathing and light fishing and searching for the next battle. Which came in the form of an octopus that tried to destroy their ship. They took a lot of damage, but they managed to destroy the mighty sea predator. On their 13th day at sea the ocean got too choppy and storms ravaged the ship knocking everyone but Rhianwen from the ship into the water. The storm subsided very quickly, but the problem was a shark that was on it’s way to the abandoned people.

Rhianwen acted fast trying to get her bird close enough to cast a spell, but the shark took it’s first hit on Eldon. Right above Zook, Rhianwen casted her spell of Tenser’s Floating Disk and yelled for them to climb on. Eldon grabbed on but took another hit before he was able to get away, while Zook was next to be targeted by the shark and got away without a scratch. The disk was brought on board and both of them dropped onto the deck.

Dyonisya was left in the water for the shark to target and it attacked hitting her several times, before Rhianwen was able to get the disk to her. Dyonisya climbed onto it and made her way to the deck, from there, Zook used his lightning bullets to blast the shark away.

The final two battles before they were able to get to the deck were with two frog-like humanoids. They were called Kuo Toa and they were attempting to search the ship for goods they could steal when the crew set forth to destroy them. Which didn’t take long for the crew.

The last days before they docked was spent fishing and sun-bathing. They made it to the booming metropolis of New Haven. They paid the 50 gold to dock there and offered the newly doctored documents to show that pirates no longer own the ship.

Strange Bedfellows
Session 2

The group woke in a dank, cold darkness. The smell of dried blood, burnt wood, and stale alcohol stained the air around them. As they awoke an uneasy feeling filled their stomachs. The smallest of the group took a note from his clothes and read from it.

Loaded Banshee Tavern- Tab

  • Rhianwen Wildcast-
    7 Ales
    3 Chairs
    Fire damage to Front Door
  • Eldon Thorngage-
    10 Ales
    1 Table
    1 Casket
  • Dyonisya Lighttower-
    6 Ales
    15 Mugs
    A door knob
  • Zook Folkor-
    9 Ales
    Bar Counter
  • Thokk-
    25 Ales
    Front Window
    7 Tables
    5 Chairs

What the hell did you do? All those wenches and then the lights… I had Bruengar throw you in the basement at least till ye wake. Ye all are required to fix these damages before ye leave. ~ Pandora

Gathering from this, they have realized a long night had happened and were able to figure a few names. Zook Folknor handed the note to Dyonisya Lighttower to hold while him and Rhianwen Wildcast look for exits. Rhianwen found a secret door hidden behind some shelves of food. Zook went ahead and casted OPEN/CLOSE on the secret door. The passage brought them around to the back of the bar. The whole bar was empty not a single soul in sight. But everything from the note was on there; indication of the fireball and the doorknob missing even.

All of them took a moment to survey the area and decided that they needed to find someone to talk to, to find out what is going on and who are they? Upon this they left the tavern. The streets appeared to be the same, desolate and no sign of humanity. All of the group looked about for anything as to why they were here; when they saw someone, humanoid, hurt and walking towards them. Dyonisya walked closer to offer healing, when it attacked her. The battle had began, for it was a Zombie, hungry for their flesh.

Dyonisya was the first to take a hit as the monster tried to eat her. The others of the group swarmed it, barraging it with attacks. It flailed at them relentlessly and finally failed to get back up. Each of them were a little hurt and scared from their first encounter. Zook tried to recant if Dyonisya would be okay from the scratch that she retained and was able to discerned that she should be fine.

Time was upon them to find some sleep and they began to worry about food, so they took to the local inn. Looking at all the buildings around them, more cautiously as the sun was setting, they moved forward to the inn.

This building had three floors above the main floor and there was also a basement. They felt something impending as they took their cleric to a room on the first of the floors. While she was resting after several failed attempts to keep her from dying and one last working attempt, the group searched the domicile for food and ways to barricade themselves in from the “impending hoard”. Thokk used his talents to place desks, chairs and counters against the front doors, while Rhianwen concentrated on the basement door with a modified mending spell. The clan went to the rooms upstairs, except for Thokk who remained on guard down in the main room, to make sure that his barricade held through the night.

While everyone else slept through the night, the hoard screamed and scratched the walls, making Thokk traumatized, waiting for them to enter, forcing him to attack. As the night grew into dawn the hoard had left, where?, no one knew, but the group woke, ready for the next day, each a little healthier than before, except Thokk.

Razing Krei
Session 3

Upon waking up in the inn, the group of adventurers went downstairs to find Thokk, he explains that the night was uneventful, despite the screaming and scratching. They peeked through some of the boarded up windows and saw there was nothing outside. It was finally time for our group of adventurers to raid the town for anything they may need.

They worked their way outside to search for anyone or anything that may be able to help, their first attempt was to go to the Temple of Galow which was in the town. There Dyonisya could feel that there was no one there and they began searching for answers. In the back priest rooms, they found some robes, completely unused and hung up, in which they took. Also Dyonisya found a letter opener that Rhianwen asked to keep. There are diaries that mark the events that led up to the disappearances of all the people. But there was nothing else other than a magical dagger, that Dyonisya saw when she used her detect magic. They soon left the building in search for more answers.

When Zook offers the idea to find some more suitable weapons and armor, while Rhianwen gives advice to go to the local library to find more information as to where they are. The group splits into two parties, Thokk, and Eldon went to the blacksmiths, while Rhianwen, Zook, and Dyonisya went to the library.

The second party got to the library, the building was large and made of a white marble. The doors towered before them, made of some sort of oak wood that looked like it must have weighed almost a ton apiece. Thokk braced himself to open the large doors and then he pushed them, easily opening them. It opened up into a massive entry way. There is a balcony like floor above them that surrounds the entry way, there are massive amount of shelves that seem to reach the ceiling in areas. In the center of the library is a card catalog. They walk into the center of the room, expecting to be attacked by zombies at any minute. Rhianwen looks through the catalog to see if there is anything that sparks the memory of the tome that she read in her previous life. There is no information that strikes her. So she gets to the restricted cards and there is a lock on them. Zook tried to open them with his spell, but failed this time round, so he turns and goes to the entrance. He yells for Eldon to come over and unlock it for them, luckily Eldon had just reached the door and did not get into the smithy’s yet. Eldon takes Thokk and runs over to the library.

Eldon inspects the catalog and decides to try a #2 pick. He works with the pick tightly and then it snaps. He curses in Halfling. He takes out a second #2 pick and tries again, while Rhianwen casts mend on the first pick, handing it back to Eldon. Eldon finally manages to open the catalog, in which Rhianwen eagerly reads what types of books were not allowed to the public. She devises that Necromancy was outlawed in this town. This provokes the question to them, what town is this? And Rhianwen looks up atlases and maps of the area and they find out that this is Krei. Eldon takes the maps and places them in some map cases that he happened to be carrying.

After looking through the library a bit, they realized that it would be a great fortress. Before discovering anything of great importance, they left to the blacksmiths to arm themselves for tonight’s hoard. The blacksmith’s door was open and they walked right in.

The entire store front was boarded up but the weapons that were inside were not of much use. Eldon and Zook was unable to find anything that would fit their tiny stature. Disappointed at this they began to look for something more useful, such as arrows or bullets. Dyonisya heard something from the backroom and something outside, she began to arm up ready for an attack; while Rhianwen and Zook found some multi-colored bullets and busted the glass to take them.

Dyonisya finally spoke up to the group letting them know that there was something in the back room and that they needed to get ready as she opened the door. On the other side of the door was a scared and frightened man. He was wearing a blacksmith smock and huddled away from them, swearing he was alive and not one of the undead. Dyonisya had asked him his name and he related that he was called Wilem. She explained that they were trying to figure out what was going on and would gladly take him with them. She also explained that they were going to the library.

Wilem let them know that the wizards of the library would be hiding the tunnels underneath, since they were the most secure of the town. He also explained that he had lost his family. The group and Wilem left to the library.

In the library they started with a search for books that would provide information on anything that could cause body swapping. They decide that the wizards of the library may be able to find more to what is going on. There is a door that lays behind the counters at the back of the library, they choose to open it. There is a massive hallway that leads down, there is no light for what they can see, but the little bit that seeps in behind them. Eldon took lead looking for anything suspicious. Several steps down into this depths he finds their first trap, a fireball scorched the five foot area, leaving Eldon a little singed. He checks the area again to make sure that it has not reset and they continue down the steps. Further down the steps there is another trap, this time Eldon takes out his #7 pick and attempts to disarm the trap. Though he is severely nervous thinking that it may be another fireball and accidentally triggers it. Some milky white substance covers him, at first nothing was happening, but the ground started to get eaten away from the acid. Then Eldon could start feeling it and it was very unpleasant. Dyonisya stepped forward and attempted to stop the acid from hurting her friend. She was able to prevent it, but the hallway was impassible. Zook sent Thokk to go get a book case to place over the area so that they had a bridge.

They passed swiftly over it as it seemed to get eaten away. Eldon took more care in his searches, but they came to an opening before anymore traps had happened. There was several tombs that littered the walls of this opening. Before they were able to check any of them a undead appeared and attacked them. This was a swift battle, seeming that they were ready and prepared for this. At the other side of the opening was a door. It was a simple iron door, with a knob on it. Eldon searched the door and discovered a small needle trap that would prick the person that turned the knob and poison them. He was able to detach the needle and safely open the door.

The room was a hobble of a place. There was several bookcases in the room, lining the walls on either side centering to a writing desk. One of the shelves contained several spell books while the other contain massive amounts of spell components. Rhianwen started with the books, while Eldon checked the desk and Zook took to the spell components stocking up. After reading up on the impossible hard spell books that she could Rhianwen went to the spell components case too and began her little raid.

Eldon read out loud to the group some passages from the diary of the wizard that stayed there. He was in search of the Tome of Tyr so that he could gain the ultimate army of undead. He wanted to be able to also bring back his love so that they could rule together in the lands of Thaamal. He found the book and was able to read from it, but the next passages told of meteorites that rained down on the town and then there was no more to be read. They take all that they can and realize there is nothing more in this room. With no other exits to explore they go back up to the library.

In the main floor of the library they decide to find the restricted area to see if the Tome of Tyr is there. It was a small room off to the right side of the floor. While in this room searching for things they hear a knocking from the main room. Everyone moves back out to the main room except for Thokk and Wilem, but no one can find anything as to why or where it was coming from. Dyonisya stays out near the card catalog to keep an eye on the entire main floor.

While out there alone, the card catalog moves away from her. All of the books fly to the ground surrounding her. Eldon, Zook, and Rhianwen come running out to see what is going on and only see Dyonisya standing in a wrecked room. Within seconds the books stack themselves, and Zook takes to the balcony to get a better look. The card catalog spits out all the card everywhere and that’s when everyone including Thokk runs up to the balacony. As they all look down they see a note scrolled deep into the wood, saying “Get Out!”. They are scared, but soon realize that Wilem is no longer with them. They ponder if they are even supposed to worry if they will get hurt; As Wilem comes flying up into the middle of the room. Whatever is doing this, rends Wilem in half dropping him to the ground, there is a sound of “get out” that echoes. They all run to the front and leave immediately.

Outside of the building it begins to crumble around itself. Rhianwen and Zook take the opportunity to try out there new bullets and toast the rest of the building with fire, but it’s beginning to get dark. So the adventurers leave town to the south, hoping to find safe shelter soon.

The beaten path leads them into a wooded area, in which they see some bushes moving, but before anything can happen Zook attacks the bush with a blue bullet. The bush and their contents are completely frozen. While in the other bush a giant ant-like beast known as Formians jumped out at them, before it could try to communicate or anything, Rhianwen began her attack. Soon the battle was over and both of the ant humanoids were destroyed.

The party traveled into the next town of Ierk, the twin city of Krei. Everything appeared to be a complete opposite, including that there are people here. Everyone tries to strike a conversation or even get acknowledgment that they exist, but they soon find out that they are unable to even touch anyone and just past through them. What they did find that was completely different though, was that there was a temple to Tyr, the evil chaotic god, here in this town. They all traveled to the temple. From the loot that they took from the temple of Galow in Krei they tried on some priest robes to try to get into the temple.


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